I'd personally like to suggest that all school holidays were banned. People should enter the school system at the age of 1, and then emerge from it when they have become quality people at the age of 18.

School holidays will now be banned by order of the WlugBananaRepublic. I suggest that school students remain in school for weekends as well.

As soon as I leave university, I'm going to suggest that the same rules apply to LazyStudents when I enter the WorkForce too.

Note: stoners, bogans, MarkeTroids etc will all be kept in school till they have a Clue.

School holidays make it hard to find a seat at GeekLunchOnWednesdays.

I am now on holiday from school. Be afraid: ALL YOUR EATING TABLE ARE BELONG TO ME. --GianPerrone

School Holidays are what I live for . They let me play on the computer all day and be a LazyStudent . -- ReneBartosh