Many years ago, PerryLorier, JonPurvis and MatthewBrowne used to organise getting all the local geeks (many of whom are WLUG members) to meet in town and go to lunch together.

For most of the lifespan of this event it was every Wednesday around 12:30pm, who would meet outside Datacom and walk down to the Downtown Plaza foodcourt. The geeks would wait until they found a free table (sometimes up to 6 were required); pull them together (much to the dismay of the staff) and sit and eat their recently purchased lunch on them. (That was really hard to do during the SchoolHolidays).

It was sometimes followed by a dessert shout - the basic rule being that if you accept of a shout, then you're expected to one day provide your own. Shouts used to cost between $12 and $22 depending on how big the group was. A ShoutRecord was kept.

WorkForce members found it hard to come every time due to other commitments; LazyStudents often missed them because of their birthright to sleep until midday. Due mostly to Perry moving back to a University job, Geek Lunch on Wednesday died mid 2003 and is another chapter in WLUG related history.