Those that work for their money, generally outside of the secluded 'not real' educational environment provided by the university. They pay taxes to keep students in the lifestyle of which they are accustomed.

When I was a student, I wanted to point out that I paid exactly as much tax on my income as everyone else; that I didn't get my education provided by anyone but myself, but if my parents had paid, it would have be with income that they had paid tax on as well. And that gave me the right to sleep in till 12pm if I wanted. Which begs the question, now I have a degree and a job, has my opinion changed? -- CraigBox

I have been a LazyStudent in the past, and paid my own way through uni and am proud of it as I never got a cent from the government. I honestly think student allowances should be for everyone who is studying who is deemed to have earnt it. However its too late for me, and i still pay too much tax to support those LazyStudents who think its their right to spend other peoples money as they drink too much alcohol and fail classes. -- KyleCarter