SamJansen. Me. Member of the WandGroup. ex-PhD student (TCP simulation). Network researcher. Software engineer. Moved to the UK for a couple of years (worked for Intel Research and Barclays Capital). Then moved to California to work for Google.

A favourite quotation of mine about C++ is: I think I've finally decided to stop worrying and love C++: like democracy, it's terrible but the alternatives are much worse. -- Thatcher Ulrich

I graduated WaikatoUniversity in 2004 after finishing my 4 year BCMS at the end of 2003. I obtained first class honours and won the Ramanujan Prize. Apparently the stream of my BCMS was "Artificial Intelligence", but that means nothing. Have finally submitted my PhD and now I can sit back and wait for it to be marked.

Something I can't stress enough: If you happen to be writing a C/C++ application on Linux:

Use Valgrind for debugging. It is brilliant.

Deserves kudos for being the only non-GianPerrone to mention PASL on a Wiki page.

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