A guy with a Robot (Doing postgraduate work at WaikatoUniversity in the field of robotic navigation in the hopes of finding a problem that I can attempt for my Masters). I am also working on the BungGameEngine with SamJansen. If you like the `look and feel' of BuNg and reckon your skills are up to scratch then talk to either me or Sam and we may have a job for you.

My main page which I try to keep current (last modified early Janurary) is at:

If you are interested in the work I did for Honours then leaf through the report there. It's a fairly boring read unless you are really into the stuff. The robot? Everyone is dissapointed when they don't see a Biped with a twistable torso with guns and room for a fridge or coffee machine. Yes it looks like a floor polisher or vacuum cleaner. It does have a laser and if you were to stay really still for a couple of hours it could potentially give you (really bad) laser-eye surgery. As far as it goes the best way the robot could maim or destroy for you is trying to run them over. On a related note never let JamesSpooner drive anything more than 20kg using cursor keys. For more information about Waikato Uni's cursor controlled weopan of terror go to:

More about me? Well you could have stopped reading at the top - its your own fault. I am a programmer. I program computers, robots and people. My main language is c++. I am competent in a few others and always trying to learn a little something extra. I try to frequent Penny Arcade and sourceforge whenever I remember but thats about the extent of my browsing. I have the appearance of a person who has built to many win32 applications but I do my best to fool people.

If you would like to donate the BuNg fund or feel the need to drop some trash into the SamJansen fund then find either Sam or I, either one of us usually feels the need to drop whatever we are doing at the excuse of going and having coffee.


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