Kylix is a Port of Delphi to Linux.

I once saw this used in WaikatoUniversity. It did look very good! It was not quite as featureful as the Windows version (Delphi) but did seem good indeed. It was being used by a very pro-windows lecturer (BillRogers) and he was quite suprised that a Linux-based program was actually decent. I have not actually used it for programming myself, this was all based upon about 15 minutes experience. - SamJansen

Kylix is, oddly enough, basically identical to Delphi. Same interface, same underlying language, same toolsets. They did redesign the toolsets from Delphi 5, but Delphi 6 and Kylix share the same toolsets. There are some differences, like when you load your database driver dynamically it has a reference to a .dll under Delphi and a .so under Kylix - same concept, different name. This makes porting apps between the two not quite as trivial as Borland would have you believe.

Uses Qt as the widget toolkit, although I believe there will be a choice of widget sets (so-called LookAndFeel]) eventually, if it's not already present in Kylix 3.