LookAndFeel is the term used to describe the appearance of an interface, and how users interact with it. The Windows 95 LookAndFeel is one that has been mimiced by GNOME and KDE (much to my disgust -- DanielLawson) : icons on the desktop, a task bar which shows running tasks and has room for some system information, and a "Start" menu which has links to installed applications and system related tools such as a ControlPanel.

I personally prefer a much more minimalistic LookAndFeel - I think of FVWM when I talk about it, however its probably TWMs LookAndFeel. No icons on the 'desktop' (actually the root window, not a desktop at all), you use a right-click of the mouse on the root window to get a menu which has all your applications listed, multiple ViewPorts, either in a 3x3 or 9x1 array, an optional pager for easy navigation around these ViewPorts, and a few applications such as XMMS and a clock set as StickyWindows?. Keyboard shortcuts to open frequently used applications quickly are allowed. I currently use SawFish in this manner, and am very happy with it. -- DanielLawson.