Doom 3 client for Linux

To perform a timedemo, type timedemo demo1.demo into the console. To get into the console, press Ctrl-Alt-`

#wlug's thoughts on Doom3 requirements

9600 Pro (overclocked a bit, 700MHz RAM, 450MHz core), Athlon 2500+, 512MB DDR333. Well playable in 800x600, medium detail, 2xAA, vsync off. Get around 32FPS in timedemo demo1.demo.
my 9600 seems to play ok.. but its definately the lower end of speed - i get about 30 fps in 800x600 medium
Mine's well playable (in SP) at 640x480, w/ 2xAA, medium, on a gf4ti4400, 2600+, dualchannel ddr333. Vsync on to reduce tearing, it makes my eyes bleed on the projector. I get an average of 26.1 FPS for the timedemo.
AMD XP1800+, 512mb DDR, GF 4 MX440 - All Settings to LOW and VSync on. Playable :)
Initially: AMD Athlon 1200 , 512MB DDR, FX5800 Ultra - Playable at 800x600 "medium" settings.
Now: AMD Athlon 64 2800+, 512MB DDR, GeForce 6800 - Runs great at 800x600, medium detail, 2xAA, vsync off. Got 46FPS on timedemo demo1.demo
AMD64 3000+, 512MB DDR, Radeon 9600Pro 256MB - 800x600 High Quality, 40FPS for the timedemo.
AMD64 3400+, 1024MB DDR, Radeon 9600XT 128MB - 800x600 High Quality, 37.5FPS for the timedemo.
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