Looking for a unix-based free-space wiper and/or a drefag utilty which might compile (probably with some kind of tweaking) under OS X.

(BTW I'm so happy whenever I encounter a PhpWiki site using my Mac OS X theme <blush>, thanks)!

The only free unix disk-space wiper I'm aware of is GNU shred, which is really designed for wiping the contents of a file. BSD's rm also has an option to do this, although it is "only" overwriting with 0's and then 1's, which isn't the most secure pattern. The theme's very nice, btw! Isomer AKA PerryLorier is responsible for the wiki, which I think has been quite modified from stock-standard. -- JohnMcPherson
More to the point, thank you for writing the theme :) -- PerryLorier

So, I finally found my way here to this Wiki! :) Thanks for your kind appreciation of my work on PhpWiki, and for even creating my own home page here. Really, credit for the Mac OS X theme goes to the designers of Apple's cool "Aqua" MacOSX GUI.

Also, do check out PhpWiki 1.3.5pre as soon as you can, there are a few bugfixes, and page-caching-speedups courtesy of the PHP-Dude himself, my !PhpMentor?: !Jeff Dairiki!

I think we've hacked up the code to do better caching in the HTTP headers, and we've also got the wiki using utf-8 everywhere (eg BridgesOfKönigsberg). Our wikiNameRexep variable is pretty ugly :p Are the newer versions all utf-8-ized? If not, we've kept track of our changes... -- JohnMcPherson

We have lots of theme stuff (the "GoogleTrick" for instance), several hacks to avoid nasty web crawlers, optimisations on the PostgreSQL backend, and the "default page" haikus. That's all I can remember. If people are interested in taking our changes and merging them back it'd be most appreciated. Looking at merging the newer PhpWiki with the current version we run seems to be a huge task and I'm not sure if I could do it without data loss --PerryLorier

We already took your SOAP server into 1.3.8. Most promising are the referrer check and the PostgreSQL optimizations. What do you mean by "default page" haikus? What else do you need, so that you can update to the most recent version? PhpWiki is now utf-8 clean if you allow only utf-8 as CHARSET. Allowing users switch charsets is a problem. --PhpWiki:ReiniUrban

BTW, I love the signature here :D

Yeah, that was me. ;) I don't program so consider it my contribution to the Wiki's success ;) --CraigBox

CarstenKlapp is a member of The PhpWiki programming team

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