"Hey! What's going on?"
"The Internet is broken"
"Oh, I'll try later"

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O.K. All is calm, all quiet, all clear. The Internet is not broken. I'm here.

My name is as you see on the top of this page, I live in Radebeul, Germany, a small town near Dresden, for those who may be familiar. Some might better know the town of Meissen because it's internationally well known for its chinoise. Radebeul is actually in between the two cities. Note that Radebeul, (pop. of 30 000) is not in NewZealand ;) ).

At the moment I am trying to find out everything about PhpWiki because I'm going to start two wikis in the next few weeks, one about wine all over the world, and one about "food and dining" (good food, drink and beverages). For those who have a translation dictionary, "Gut Essen und Trinken".

I stumbled by here and stayed, because IMHO this wiki is quite properly installed and nicely designed, so that I can learn a lot from it and I even found out something about dynamic DNS, exactly what I was looking for, for my own wiki.

As a journalist and the steward of my own small wine cellar I'll say this about wikis in terms of CMS: I understand a great deal about content, a respectable part of management but not the least about the systems behind it all (servers, scripts and so on).

But I have good help as you can see on from CarstenKlapp, one of the PhpWiki Archbishops and "Granddads", even if he is as half as old than I am.

I'm putting this page into my browser favorites and I'll pop by another time, once the WineWiki? is up and running.

For those who want to reach me about my wiki ideas, here's the way:

Thanks and bye for now


"And so, I tried later."
"And the internet?"
"Was on again?"
"I mean, something special going on?"
"Forget it. Just Pardun."


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