WlugKnoppix is a Linux LiveCD designed to introduce new users to a Linux desktop without having to install Linux on their computer. See Knoppix for more information about the concept of Knoppix and LiveCDs in general.

Remember the WlugKnoppix CD exists only to give you an idea of what can be done using a Linux Desktop. It is a lot slower than your average Linux Desktop as it is running completely off the CD, many popular desktop linux distributions are also a lot more polished and use Gnome.

The ISO isn't yet available. It'll be linked here once it's ready and we have found somewhere to host it.

How to use WlugKnoppix

  1. Obtain a CD.
  2. Turn on computer, insert CD.
  3. You should see a screen with a Knoppix logo and a prompt down the bottom. Hit enter.
  4. Knoppix will start to boot and autodetect your hardware, eventually you should end up at a Knoppix desktop.
  5. Play :)

Currently the customisation of the WlugKnoppix CD is minimal: it has a custom home page with information about WLUG and the CD, and the RUTE Guide is available from the desktop. Therefor, all of the original Knoppix documentation applies.

Note: if your computer starts loading your normal OperatingSystem despite the CD in the drive, something is wrong. You probably need to change BIOS settings so it will try to boot from CD (on most computers this is the default). The CD might also be scratched or for other reasons unreadable.

Suggestions for future WlugKnoppix CDs

  • GNOME-based instead of KDE-based, achievable using Morphix or Gnoppix, both GNOME/Woody Knoppix-based LiveCDs. Growing in maturity.
  • If space on the CD becomes an issue, remove all the tetex-related packages?