Ext3 FileSystems

Knoppix 3.1 creates Ext3 FileSystems with an extra option which fsck(8) on Debian Woody does not support. This prevents Woody from booting. You can fix this by issuing tune2fs -O ^dir_index device after creating the FileSystem.


Knoppix should automagically find an existing swap Partition on boot and use it. This will make the whole system much faster (remember that it has no real disk, only RamDisk by default). Alternatively you can set up a file called swapfile in the root directory of any non-NTFS partition and Knoppix will use that as a swap file.


Remastering Knoppix

The Remastering Knoppix Howto explains how to create your own custom Knoppix-based LinuxDistribution.

WlugKnoppix is such a customised Knoppix distribution made specifically by WLUG.

Remastering 4.0 Notes:

  • If chrooting into the new customisation fails with many "bash: /dev/null: Permission denied" errors, the problem is that the partition you're working in has been mounted with the wrong args in the host, you need the ... -o dev ... option. This has changed from the 3.x series.
  • If the CD image is much larger than you expected, the problem is likely to be that you've forgotten to "umount /proc" before you leave the chroot, and so the image contains random chunks of RAM.