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 The [Remastering Knoppix Howto |] explains how to create your own custom [Knoppix]-based LinuxDistribution. 
 WlugKnoppix is such a customised [Knoppix] distribution made specifically by [WLUG]. 
+!! Remastering 4.0 Notes:  
+* If chrooting into the new customisation fails with many "bash: /dev/null: Permission denied" errors, the problem is that the partition you're working in has been mounted with the wrong args in the host, you need the ... -o dev ... option. This has changed from the 3.x series.  
+* If the CD image is much larger than you expected, the problem is likely to be that you've forgotten to "umount /proc" before you leave the chroot, and so the image contains random chunks of RAM.