WLUG ran a set of Introduction to Linux tutorials in the 2nd and 3rd week of A Semester 2004. These tutorials are aimed at first and second year Computer Science students and were sponsored by the CS Department.

If you have questions or need more information about the UnixTutorials email Slides and demonstration material from each seminar are available.

Welcome to the seminars

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Seminar 1: (Tue 9th Mar) - Introduction to Linux / OSS

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Presenter: TonyMcGregor

  • What is OSS
  • What is Linux
  • What is GNU
  • Why use Linux
  • History of Linux
  • About the Linux Distributions

Seminar 2: (Wed 10th Mar) - Applications

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Presenter: CraigBox

An introduction to useful OSS applications that can be used under linux. This will focus on what is installed in the TSG labs and will probably cover

  • Concepts & culture
  • Linux and Windows differences
  • Applications

    • Internet - Mozilla & derivitaves
    • Office - !
  • Remote Access - ssh/scp/PuTTY
  • Command line stuff, man/cvs/make/gcc (the existance of)
  • CS department e-mail (pop/imap)
  • Selections/Cut Copy Paste/Drag Drop/etc

Seminar 3: (Thu 11th Mar) - Emacs

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Presenter: DanielLawson

  • A general introduction to emacs, what it is, how to use it and tips for performing common tasks.

    • Key Combos
    • Windows Compatibility Mode
  • An Emacs reference card will be handed out with the cheat sheet on the last day of tutorials. It's a tri-fold, double sided reference sheet packed full of emacs goodness.

Seminar 4: (Tue 16th Mar) - Bash

Presenter: PerryLorier

  • A general introduction to bash, what it is, how to use it and tips for performing common tasks.

Seminar 5: (Wed 17th Mar) - Processes/Permissions

Presenter: JohnMcPherson

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  • An introduction to process control in unix systems. We will cover how to start, stop, suspend and kill processes.

    • Brief introduction to signals
    • foreground/background/nohup
    • ctrl-z vs ctrl-c / Sending signals via kill
    • very brief discussion of threads vs processes (eg displayed in top)
    • Looking at process usage - top, ps, pstree, fuser
  • File/Process ownership/permissions

    • overview
    • groups - newgrp
    • chmod

Seminar 6: (Thu 18th Mar) - Summary / Q&A

Presenter: JamieCurtis

  • A summary of how to put everything that has been taught together, followed by a question and answer session.

    • suggested: a Hello World exercise
    • run through sample assignment
    • tell people about the LUG in detail

At the end of the 6th seminar each participant will receive a copy of the popular "Cheat Sheet" and a copy of WlugKnoppix, a bootable linux CD based on Knoppix 3.3

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