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Not all programs are as good as Windows equivalent or file compatiable. In fact some are better!

See for an example of a task-oriented table.

 Windows Equivalent   Linux Software   Notes 
 Windows Movie Maker   ???   Any suggestions? I want something quick and easy that does subtitles and credits, pretty transition effects, and will read the mjpeg files my camera makes. So far nothing on Linux even comes close. 
 Internet Explorer   Mozilla   MozillaNotes and 1? 
 MozillaFirefox   also available for Windows 
 Opera   also available for Windows 
 Konqueror   3? 
 links   4? 
 Lynx   4? 
 Microsoft OutlookExpress   MozillaMail   1? 
 Evolution   2? 
 Pine   4? 
 Mutt   4? 
 KMail   3? 
 Sylpheed   2? 
 mIRC   XChat   2? 
 epic   4? 
 BitchX   4? 
 irssi   4? 
 Winamp   xmms    
 zinf   Zinf is not Freeamp 
 Microsoft Word   AbiWord   2? 
 OpenOffice Writer    
 LyX   6? 
 Kate   3? 
 vim / gvim   5? 
 GNU / X emacs   5? 
 LaTeX   6? 
 Microsoft Powerpoint   OpenOffice Impress    
 Prosper (LaTeX  6? 
 MicrosoftExcel   Gnumeric   2? Gnumeric doesn't support VBA, you can use Python/Perl/TCL etc for scripting if required. It does however support all the spreadsheet functions that MicrosoftExcel has, as well as a hundred or so more. 
 OpenOffice calc   OpenOffice has a VBA style reimplementation 
 Microsoft SQL Server   PostgreSQL   1? 
 MySQL   1? 
 FireBird   1? 
 SQLite   1? 
 Adobe Photoshop   TheGIMP   2? 
 Macromedia Freehand   Sodipodi    
 Sound editor   Audacity   2? 
 See Category:ProgrammingLanguages 
 VisualStudio   GCC   gcc(1) is a compiler, not an IDE 
 emacs   Emacs is an IDE not a compiler 
 IDLE, Eric   IDLE and Eric are Python IDEs 
 Make   make(1) provides a project/building framework for applications 
 KDevelop   KDE-oriented IDE 
 Anjuta   GNOME-oriented IDE 
 NetBeans?   Java based IDE 
 MicroSoftDeveloperNetwork   ManPages?   For documentation on commands, library calls and system calls 
 Google   To find web pages which talk about specific problems 
 UseNet   To ask specific questions 
 Dos Box   xterm(1)    
 konsole / CMD.exe   bash(1) 
 tcsh(1)   CshProgrammingConsideredHarmful 
 MSN   Gaim   2? 
 kopete   3? 
 IIS   Apache   1? 
 Firewalling / NAT   iptables(8)    
 Microsoft Access / FileMaker? Pro or similar   OpenOffice base   OpenOffice 2.0 has database front end. 
 Family Tree Maker / Legacy   Gramps   Genealogy software 
 Frontpage / Dreamweaver   Quanta   3? 
 Screem   2? 
 Microsoft Visio / Corel Draw   dia(1)    

[1] The Linux software is generally considered much more secure. [2] This is a GNOME/GTK application [3] This is a KDE/Qt application [4] This is a command line or terminal program [5] They may not be WYSIWYG editors but they are still perfectly fine for most things [6] LaTeX is a typesetting language, not an editor. It produces the desired result (in many cases better than the MS equivalent), but in most cases you need to use a text editor (like gvim) to 'write' the document. You can use LyX to write documents in a near WYSIWYG style -- Perry Lorier