Monday 28 July, 7:30pm, HamiltonAmateurRadioClub (Click <- for directions)

Topic is currently a comparison of Windows and Linux programs. Basically, "I do x in Windows, how do it in Linux?"

See WhatSoftwareDoPeopleUse for some pointers.

WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

28 July 2003

Meeting Minutes

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, Perry, Greig, Bruce
Apologies: Jamie, Kim, Gavin
Absent: Phil

Meeting opened at 7:09pm. (Meeting postponed at 19:36pm and reopened after presentation at 21.18pm)

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved Daniel
Seconded Craig M

Motion passed

2. Reports from previous meeting

Letter to S. Gupta has been sent.
Interest in classes in Raglan will be discussed by email with the people from Raglan who attended tonights meeting.

3. Discussion of the general direction/progress of the LUG with respect to our stated goals

We are achieving good turnout at our meetings (30+ at the previous meeting, 28 at this one). The Wiki is also a very popular medium for information, both from inside the LUG and internationally. A summary of what has happened in the year will be presented at the AGM and decisions on future direction can be made then.

For the WLUG's role as a troubleshooting and support organisation, it would be better to encourage an 'intake' (in the form of an installfest or a group of new users), who can then be taught in a series of meetings. Customizing a Knoppix CD for WLUG and offering a 'media kit' around it, perhaps with 20 tasks that people are encouraged to try, would be an excellent promotional vehicle for this intake.

4. Making the Linux Server project an official WLUG branch

See LinuxServer - Greig is to investigate editing Wiki pages after further discussion on IRC.

5. Committee Membership/Regular Absences

Craig has expressed concern at the regular absences of committee members. After establishing we were one member over numbers Gavin Denby has offered to resign - Kim Shepherd is already ex-officio. Possible changes to the charter are to be investigated at the upcoming AGM. No action with regard to committee members will be taken until then.

6. 2003 AGM & Subscription Renewal Date

Motion: that the date for the 2003 Annual General Meeting be September 22, and that the topic of subs be raised there for general discussion.

Moved Greig
Seconded Daniel

Motion passed

7. General Business

Motion: that a moderated post, public read e-mail list be created for the WLUG Committee

Moved Daniel
Seconded Craig

Motion passed

There was discussion regarding the lack of time for committee business in the half hour before WLUG presentations and that they often pushed back presentation start times, alienating the non-committee members in the audience. Greig will organise the details regarding these meetings. Suggestion: Held at someone's house (Greig volunteers to be first) on the Thursday evening before the WLUG meeting. General notice provided to the list. Admittance limited to non-committee members who have something they need to raise in person.

Motion: that committee meetings should be held separately from WLUG meetings

Moved Greig
Seconded Perry

Motion passed

Meeting closed at 22:20pm.

See OldMeetingTopics and CommitteeMeetingTopics for more..