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 ! interface tewh: ospf_read authentication type mismatch. 
 You have an md5 vs no auth on your link. check your configuration for typos 
+! How vtysh works  
+18:27 <@mattb> telnet localhost 2601 will take you to zebra  
+18:28 <@mattb> telnet 2605  
+18:28 <@mattb> will take you to bgpd  
+18:28 <@mattb> vtysh will take you to Quagga's integrated shell  
+18:28 <@mattb> which combines the interface of zebra and whatever other quagga  
+ daemons you have running  
+18:29 < Remosi> I think you've gotta admit  
+18:29 < Remosi> that part of quagga is rather uh quirky  
+18:29 <@mattb> I quite like vtysh  
+18:29 <@mattb> the telneting into a particular port for a particular daemon bit  
+18:29 <@mattb> is a bit quirky  
+18:29 < Remosi> yeah  
+18:29 < Remosi> vtysh isn't too bad