Quagga is a fork of the Zebra routing daemon. Quagga originally consisted of the -pj patchset to Zebra, and was created because of a difference in beliefs between the Quagga developers (Faster development == more features, and faster bug finding and fixing) and the Zebra developers (Stable development).

A lot of people tend to use Quagga these days when they need a Linux machine to participate in a routing network. Quagga's growth in the last year or so has been huge, seeing development of many new features as well as a lot of code cleanups.

A Quagga is a now extinct creature that is closely related to a Zebra.


These notes are for observations on Debian Sarge.

Quagga uses the files in /etc/quagga/. By default, there is only a daemons file and a debian.conf file.

You MUST enable zebra=yes in the daemons file if you want any routes to be actually used!

I wanted to use BGP, so I copied my old bgpd.conf from zebra, changed the log file entry in it from /var/log/zebra/bgpd.log to /var/log/quagga/bgpd.log and made the file readable by the quagga group (since quagga has its own user and group in Debian). I also had to enable bgpd=yes in the daemons file.

Read the notes in the daemons file for the necessary file permissions on the *.conf files. In practice, it will work with just quagga group read permissions, but the quagga user needs to be able to write to the file if you want to be able to save configs.

When you use the vtysh program, it wants your user's normal login password, not a configured quagga password or anything. You can create (and configure) an /etc/quagga/vtysh.conf file, and give a

 log file /var/log/quagga/vtysh.log

entry. Note that the username user password given in the example config file doesn't seem to do anything.

I think you need to have have "line vty" entries in each daemon's config file.

There are example files in /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples.


interface tewh: ospf_read authentication type mismatch.

You have an md5 vs no auth on your link. check your configuration for typos

How vtysh works

18:27 <@mattb> telnet localhost 2601 will take you to zebra
18:28 <@mattb> telnet 2605
18:28 <@mattb> will take you to bgpd
18:28 <@mattb> vtysh will take you to Quagga's integrated shell
18:28 <@mattb> which combines the interface of zebra and whatever other quagga
               daemons you have running
18:29 < Remosi> I think you've gotta admit
18:29 < Remosi> that part of quagga is rather uh quirky
18:29 <@mattb> I quite like vtysh
18:29 <@mattb> the telneting into a particular port for a particular daemon bit
18:29 <@mattb> is a bit quirky
18:29 < Remosi> yeah
18:29 < Remosi> vtysh isn't too bad

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