Sample Zebra Configuration Files

The location of these files may change according to your distribution.

Most, if not all of the WANd authors are running Debian 3.0 (woody) and so this is what we are best able to help with.

The format of the zebra.conf and bgpd.conf files should be the same for all distributions as long as you are running a similar version of Zebra.

The version installed by woody at the time of writing was : 0.92a-5

The following file is possibly very debian specific. (Does not seem to be present using Quagga under Fedora)


If all is configured correctly you should have both the zebra and bgpd daemons running

and hopefully your routing table should start to fill up :)

If you have see something like this:

 [root@fartlek etc]# zebra -d
 2002/05/15 22:45:24 ZEBRA: can't create router advertisement socket: Address
 family not supported by protocol
 There is no such command.
 Error occured during reading below line.
  ipv6 nd suppress-ra

then you don't have IPv6 support. Try modprobe ipv6 or recompile your kernel. If you are not trying to use IPv6 these messages can be safely ignored.

To get Zebra playing with SNMP, look at ZebraSNMP

RedHat and Fedora notes

The package you would be after to get Zebra installed is called Quagga, and it places the config files in /etc/quagga instead of /etc/zebra but other than that it appears to be the same.