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Acronym for International Standards Organisation.

They have standards for all kinds of fun things, like the filesystem for a Compact Disc (ISO-9660) - see CDROM.

Some other well-known iso standards include:

  • ISO 9001 for business processes. (Quote from slashdot: The important thing to remember about ISO9001 is that it's perfectly OK for an ISO9001 shop to fling completed motherboards frisbee style across the warehouse so that it hits the wall and lands in the pile for packaging/shipping as long as that is the written procedure.)
  • ISO-8859 and ISO-10646 for character encodings - see iso-8859-1(7), utf8(7) and UnicodeNotes for more discussion.

See also: TokyoDeclaration

The ISO-8859 man pages need some work, since there are duplicates....

  1. iso-8859-1(7)
  2. iso-8859-2(7)
  3. iso-8859-7(7)
  4. iso-8859-15(7)
  5. iso_8859-1(7)
  6. iso_8859-2(7)
  7. iso_8859-7(7)
  8. iso_8859-15(7)
  9. iso_8859_1(7)
  10. iso_8859_2(7)
  11. iso_8859_7(7)
  12. iso_8859_15(7)