Yoper is an unusual LinuxDistribution developed by AndreasGirardet from NewZealand.

It doesn't fare very well in OSNews' Quest for the Perfect Linux System comparative review.
-- Anonymous

A couple of things here: This article is reviewing v1.0 of Yoper. v1.2 has been out since late last year (Dec or Nov 2003 I think) and this release is worlds better than v1. Yoper is no longer a paid for distro. You can download the ISOs for free from their web sites (and they have a local nz mirror for all you jetstarters :) ). And despite the support issues (which in my opinion were short-lived) Yoper is still the fastest, easiest-to-install LinuxDistribution i've yet to find.
-- ThomHooker

It's fine that you think good of yoper. What's not fine is Yoper's self agragandizement. They don't seem to be shamelessly promoting themselves as the best solution for everything-under-the-sun anymore which is a good thing.

That was for V1, now have a look at their fair-enough review of V2 and also another review of V2 by a user. Yoper just gets better and better and will only continue to do so, because we take onboard what the users tell us and have development releases every few weeks to show the users what's happening and to trial new features. Our next public release will be amazing! :D
-- JesseWalker (Bongoots)