The Hillcrest Bakery, on Cambridge Rd, between Hillcrest Rd and Masters Ave, is one of a number of identical bakeries around Hamilton. Lots of nice pies, slices, cakes and sandwiches.

You can't go past a ham bun ($1.20).

Their bacon and egg rolls are made with bacon glazed with sugar. It still tastes fine like that, but bacon is supposed to be crusted in salt, or it kills you in the wrong way.

  • CraigBox likes the sausage rolls ($1), but they're not as nice as the Tommo's sausage rolls at the BongoCafe.
  • borland likes the chicken rolls ($2.20).
  • PhilMurray used to regularly buy a custard square ($1) and a 300ml Schweppes ginger beer, and only drink half of it.
  • MattCairns was, of course, a pie afficionado ($1.80), but also liked to buy the pizza bread ($2).
  • MattBrown thinks that the hot chips are the best (chicken seasoned).
  • GerwinVanDeSteeg likes the bacon and egg, beef, and ham filled rolls. And he used to work over the road, so he should know.
  • SamDouglas says "I quite like the cream donuts (excuse the neologism) - [however] they always run out. Their hot chips [..] are way too salty for my liking and therefore [you] need to purchase softdrink."
  • IanMcDonald quite likes the bacon and egg pies, and agrees that the hot chips are too salty.
  • Staz regularly buys their bacon, chicken and lettuce sandwiches.

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