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 * MattBrown thinks that the hot chips are the best (chicken seasoned). 
 * GerwinVanDeSteeg likes the bacon and egg, beef, and ham filled rolls. And he used to work over the road, so he should know. 
 * ~SamDouglas says "I quite like the cream donuts (excuse the neologism) - ~[however] they always run out. Their hot chips ~[..] are way too salty for my liking and therefore ~[you] need to purchase softdrink." 
 * IanMcDonald quite likes the bacon and egg pies, and agrees that the hot chips are too salty. 
-* [Staz|BenStaz] has always liked apple slices and thinks their price of $1 .00 is very reasonable!  
+* [Staz|BenStaz] regularly buys their bacon, chicken and lettuce sandwiches