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-The [formail(1) ] program can be used to convert a standard mbox file into a Maildir format using [procmail(1)]. This has to be done either as the user or as the super-user.  
+!!! Converting [MBox ] to another format, such as MailDir  
-# cd /home/<username>  
-# cat mbox | formail -s /usr/local/bin/ procmail -d <username>  
+You need to configure procmail(1) to deliver [Email] to a MailDir box first. Then as the user or as the SuperUser, do the following:  
+formail -s /usr/local/bin/procmail -d <username> < mbox  
+!!! Respooling a mailbox to somewhere else  
+formail -f -s sendmail < /var/mail/spoolfile  
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