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I was a student at HillcrestHighSchool and then Waikato University doing ComputerScience (BCMS).

I have an interest in old RISC machines (DEC, SunMicrosystems, SGI, etc) and am now trying to get my hands on any parts, software or documentation for such systems. I have also recently been experimenting with VMS but still need more hardware/media/documentation - especially smaller desktop sized systems.

I am currently after:

  • a DEC MIPS system
  • a PDP of some sort (PDP-11 or PDP-8 would be easiest I suppose)
  • VAX and Alpha stuff - systems, parts, manuals, media
  • Any old unwanted SGI, Sun and IBM RS/6000 stuff

I currently run on my network:

  • Some generic boring PC machines and an old 68k apple or two
  • An AlphaServer 1200 running OpenVMS 8.3 and Tru64 5.1B-4
  • An AlphaServer 800 running OpenVMS 8.3 and another one which will probably run Linux sometime
  • Two AlphaStation 200s (both 4/166 models)
  • Two MicroVAX 3500s running VMS 7.3 (one with an upgraded CPU making it a 3800) and a DECserver 100
  • a VAXstation 4000/60 running VMS 7.3
  • an IBM RS/6000 7248 currently running AIX 4.2
  • an HP 9000 D380 running HPUX 10.20
  • a SPARCstation IPC & IPX running OpenBSD acting as my monitor stand
  • a SPARCstation 4 running Solaris 2.6
  • an Ultra 1 running Debian with a differential SCSI SBus card
  • an Ultra 1 Creator running Solaris 9 with a SunVideo? SBus video capture card
  • an SGI Indy running IRIX 6.5, another one running IRIX 5.3 and a third running NetBSD 4.0

I can be contacted via MSN or GoogleTalk during the afternoons and weekends or via email at anytime.