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-I was a student at HillcrestHighSchool for about 5 years and completed 7th form in 2005. I will be attending WaikatoUniversity in 2006 doing ComputerScience (BCMS) using the scholarship I aquired late 2005
+I was a student at HillcrestHighSchool and then Waikato University doing ComputerScience (BCMS). 
-I generaly tend to aquire computers that people are throwing out and use them for parts or on my network for doing various things . I prefer computers and hardware produced by [Digital Equipment Corporation|DEC ] but generaly, if it's free and in reasonably good condition (or has useful parts) i will take it
+I have an interest in old RISC machines ([DEC], SunMicrosystems, [SGI], etc) and am now trying to get my hands on any parts, software or documentation for such systems . I have also recently been experimenting with [VMS ] but still need more hardware/media/documentation - especially smaller desktop sized systems
-There are a number of things which I am looking to aquire so that I can learn as much as I can about them. Most of the stuff I am after were higher-end systems from the 80s/early 90s and software/documentation for such systems. Highest on my list is a [VAX ] followed by a DECstation [ MIPS], an [Alpha], followed by anything made by [Digital Equipment Corporation|DEC], [SUN|SunMicrosystems], [SGI], etc. So, if you have a [VAX] (or anything else (software, documentation, etc ) by [DEC ], [SUN|SunMicrosystems] , [ SGI] , etc) you dont want, you know who to go to :).  
+I am currently after:  
+* a [DEC ] MIPS system  
+* a PDP of some sort (PDP-11 or PDP-8 would be easiest I suppose )  
+* [VAX ] and Alpha stuff - systems , parts , manuals, media  
+* Any old unwanted SGI, Sun and IBM RS/6000 stuff  
-Current operating systems I am looking to try out and learn about (in priority) are [VMS ] [VAX] (older versions), Ultrix, Digital UNIX (Tru64), [OpenVMS] for AXP and [NetBSD ]. I don't have the hardware to run the first 4 (need a [VAX], DECstation [MIPS ] and an [Alpha]) and I am currently trying to get parts to repair an old SPARCstation IPC (battery dead and is built-in to the [NVRAM ] chip) to run [NetBSD ]. 
+I currently run on my network:  
+* Some generic boring PC machines and an old 68k apple or two  
+* An [Alpha ]Server 1200 running [OpenVMS] 8.3 and [Tru64 ] 5 .1B- 4  
+* An [Alpha ]Server 800 running OpenVMS 8.3 and another one which will probably run Linux sometime  
+* Two [Alpha]Station 200s (both 4/166 models)  
+* Two MicroVAX 3500s running VMS 7.3 (one with an upgraded CPU making it a 3800 ) and a DECserver 100  
+* a VAXstation 4000/60 running VMS 7.3  
+* an IBM RS/6000 7248 currently running [AIX] 4.2  
+* an HP 9000 D380 running [HPUX] 10.20  
+* a SPARCstation IPC & IPX running [OpenBSD ] acting as my monitor stand  
+* a SPARCstation 4 running [Solaris ] 2.6  
+* an Ultra 1 running Debian with a differential SCSI SBus card  
+* an Ultra 1 Creator running [Solaris] 9 with a SunVideo SBus video capture card  
+* an [SGI] Indy running [IRIX] 6.5, another one running IRIX 5.3 and a third running NetBSD 4 .  
 I can be contacted via [MSN] or GoogleTalk during the afternoons and weekends or [via email |] at anytime.