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-[m0n0wall | ] is a minimal router distro based on [FreeBSD], by [Manuel Kasper | mailto:mk@neon1 .net]. It is targetted at embedded PCs such as those produced by [Soekris |], or the WRAP platform by [PCEngines |]. It does not work with dialup -- you need an always on connection like Cable or DSL.  
-There's also a [m0n0BSD |], which is meant for regular PCs. It requires 64 [MB] [RAM], two [NIC]s, [CDROM] and either floppy, HardDisk, or bootable Compact Flash card in an [IDE] adapter.  
-Check out CraigFalconer's [m0n0wall Screenshots |]  
-A bigger version of m0n0wall is [pfSense]  
+Describe [m0n0wall] here