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 The above commands are usually just abbreviated ':w' and such, there isn't really any point in typing ':write'. 
 When navigating the help, use Ctrl-] to follow a hyperlink and Ctrl-T to go back. 
+Hyperlinks are denoted by the surrounding 'bars' e.g. |bars|  
+If the mouse is enabled (via ":set mouse=a") you may also double-click the left mouse button on a tag between |bars|.  
 The commands can also be forced by appending a '!'. So ':q!' will force-quit, leaving Vim and ignoring the possibility of changes in the current file. Some can also be combined; a common combination is ':wq', quiting and saving the file at the same time. 
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 * :<number> goes to line no. <number>, :$ is the end of file. Alternatively, gg is the start of the file and G is the end of the file. 
 * To read read from stdin invoke Vim like so: 'vim -'. This is very useful to pipe stuff into Vim for later editing. 
 * Best of all are the scripts and useful tips at []. 
 * See also: ViNotes 
+* LinuxGazette has a series of [Vim tutorials|]