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-The official name of [VMS| ] is currently [OpenVMS|]. VMS is a product of HP (HP bought Compaq after Compaq bought Digital). VMS currently supports two hardware platforms: VAX and Alpha, and the variants are known as VMS VAX and VMS Alpha (or OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha). VMS support for Itanium (or IA-64) has been announced
+An [Acronym ] for __V__irtual __M__emory __S__ystem
-[http://deathrow .vistech .net/ ] is a public access OpenVMS cluster . The cluster currently consists of DEC Alphas (64 bit) , and VAXen (32 bit - Some uVAX hardware , some emulated) running the OpenVMS operating system
+[VMS] is an OperatingSystem written by [DEC] for their [VAX] line of minicomputers . In 1990, around version 5 .5, [DEC ] renamed it to [ OpenVMS], after [VMS] was certified as having high support for [POSIX] standards . Shortly thereafter , [OpenVMS] was ported to the [Alpha] architecture , released as <i>OpenVMS for AXP 1.</i> in 1992. Following the history of [DEC], [ OpenVMS] is now owned by [HP]
-Also , Visual Motion Simulator: [http://www-sdb .larc .nasa .gov /Simulations /Simulators /VMS /vms .html
+[OpenVMS] currently runs on [VAX] and [Alpha] , respectively known as [OpenVMS] for [VAX] and [OpenVMS] for [Alpha]. Support for the [Itanium] has been announced.  
+! See also  
+* Lots of [Information about the VMS operating system | http://www.levitte .org/~ava/index .htmlx]  
+* The [OpenVMS Community Portal | http: // /]  
+* [Deathrow | http: //deathrow ], a public access [OpenVMS] cluster consisting of [DEC] [Alpha]s (64 bit) and [VAX]en (32 bit, some uVAX hardware, some emulated)  
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+Sometimes, [VMS] is an [Acronym] for [Visual Motion Simulator |].