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2 JohnMcPherson 1 Miscellaneous notes for [Ubuntu] 5.10 (Breezy)
1 JohnMcPherson 2
3 !! No "splash" image on boot
4 AristotlePagaltzis 4
5 If you <tt>dist-upgrade</tt> from [Ubuntu] 5.04 (Hoary) rather than installing 5.10, you might not get the new graphical splash screen during boot. This can be caused by the order that packages are upgraded -- the <tt>usplash</tt> package is needed before installing and setting up the LinuxKernel image. [Ubuntu]'s [Kernel] uses an InitialRamDisk, and this needs to be recreated ''after'' <tt>usplash</tt> is installed. Anyway, the following command will do what you need:
1 JohnMcPherson 7 <verbatim>
6 zcat(1) 8 dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`
1 JohnMcPherson 9 </verbatim>
4 AristotlePagaltzis 10
6 zcat(1) 11 (`uname -r` will substitute in the current kernel release. Those are backquotes, the key under <esc>, not ordinary single quotes.)
3 AlastairPorter 12
1 JohnMcPherson 13 That recreates the <tt>/boot/initrd.img-...</tt> file to use the splash image.
4 AristotlePagaltzis 15 !! Proprietary module for NVidia graphics cards
1 JohnMcPherson 17 To get proper 3D/[OpenGL] hardware acceleration, see NvidiaDriverHowto.
4 AristotlePagaltzis 19 !! Sucky default "X Resources"
21 [GNOME] uses X resources (via xrdb(1)) to try to make older [X11] programs look like the current [GTK] theme. However, figuring out where these are set is very difficult. [GNOME]'s <tt>gnome-settings-daemon</tt> is responsible for loading default X resources files. In [Ubuntu] 5.10, these are the files in <tt>/etc/gnome/config/*</tt>. For example, the <tt></tt> sets default foreground and background colours for all X apps, and this is what makes xterm(1) default to black-on-white. (In [Gentoo], these files are in <tt>/usr/share/control-center-2.0/xrdb</tt>.)
1 JohnMcPherson 22
4 AristotlePagaltzis 23 You can also manually override all these settings yourself via the <tt>xrdb</tt> program, but any time the <tt>gnome-settings-daemon</tt> reloads, the defaults will be reloaded.
1 JohnMcPherson 24
5 JohnMcPherson 25 !!Can't change virtual consoles in X
26 If you have done a <tt>dist-upgrade</tt> from Debian Sarge or Sid to Ubuntu 5.10, you may have noticed that you can no longer use Alt+Ctrl+~[1-6] to change virtual consoles.
27 This is a consequence of the switchover from xfree to xorg - in Debian, <tt>/etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc</tt> is a directory while in Breezy it is a file. When Xorg can't load this file, it doesn't know what to do with some key codes. Delete this directory and copy this file over from another Breezy computer, or re-install the "xkeyboard-config" package. To re-install, you'll probably need to do something like
28 <verbatim>
29 dpkg --force-depends --purge xkeyboard-config
30 apt-get install xkeyboard-config
31 </verbatim>
32 (By using dpkg --force-depends instead of apt-get or aptitude you won't end up removing other X and ubuntu-desktop packages).
33 Once this file is properly installed, "<tt>/etc/init.d/gdm restart</tt>" is needed to get X to use it.
7 MikeForbes 34
35 !!Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird to work with Hotmail
9 LawrenceDoliveiro 37 My girlfriend likes hotmail (*sigh*) Luckily, I think she mostly just likes her hotmail address.
8 LaniMercy 38
7 MikeForbes 39 Anyway, I managed to get hotmail and thunderbird working together on her ubuntu-running laptop.
41 I made sure she's running the latest version (breezy) and just apt-got the necessary stuff :
43 <verbatim>
44 apt-get install hotway
45 </verbatim>
47 That part was easy. There's no real configuration you need to do, but this isn't so secure.. you might want to edit hosts.allow & hosts.deny to tighten things a little.
49 I made sure inetd was installed and running (though xinetd may be preferable? whatever works) as it wasn't installed by default.
51 <verbatim>
52 apt-get install inetd
53 </verbatim>
55 Then just point your mail client to (or hostname or localhost.localdomain)and port 110 ; enter your full hotmail address (e.g. and hotmail password.
57 Start getting your hotmail!
59 :)
1 JohnMcPherson 61 ----
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