Short version:

First on DIGITAL;
Then on Macintosh for years;
Learning Linux now.

Longer version:

First on RSTS/E,
PDP-11 tricks--
And then came the VAX.

VMS was fun.
32 bits--much more room.
Terminals were slow.

Why so cool? Bitmapped displays!
Just blew me away.

Macs were beautiful:
Quickdraw, Toolbox, Finder, fonts...
Bitch to program, though.

Heard about Linux.
Took a while to see the point;
So much power--free.

Twenty-five years on,
I'm still learning every day.
Will it never end? :)

Contributed to (among other things): 3DES AppleTalk AuthoritativeNameServer BlockDevice ChrootNotes CompactDisc ComposeKey ComputationallyInfeasible ControllingTerminal CorporateProgramming Delegation DigitalCertificate DotFile DVD dvdauthor DVDVideo DVDVideoTerminology FFmpeg Fuzz IEC IEEE ITU-T HereStrings LegoMindstorms LinuxHistory LinuxIsNotWindows LocaleName LocalLoop LowCostLinuxPC MarketFragmentation MeetingTopics.2007-02-26 MicrosoftCompatible MPEGTerminology MythicalManMonth NXTFilesystemNotes OomKiller ProcessRelationships Redundancy SealedBonnetFallacy SpacesInPathNames SpamAssassinNotes SRV VendorLockIn VeryImpossible XSessionErrors

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