see my own Wiki :

It is slow however, and I get too often Error 500 : Internal Server Error. Anyone can help ? I use the latest version of PhpWiki (1.3) with PHP4 and MySQL.

Have you checked your error.log?

I'm afraid I don't have an error.log since my webserver ( doesn't allow me to write files on its disk.

I also have another problem : I can't use Remove_Page to delete a page on my Wiki : I have to delete it in the database. Remove_Page keeps complaining about Home_Page being edited (which is false) and asking if I am sure I want to remove the page. But I can't confirm ...

Great Wiki here ! :-)


Thank you for your help and for the GoogleTrick. It would be great to generalize this to all search engines. I think something like that must have been done in les visiteurs.

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