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-The GUI functionality that is usually coupled with Tcl (see TclTk ) but not always . Is often used for rapid GUI prototype for many different platforms
+A venerable, if aging, [GUI] ToolKit originally developed for [Tcl]. The combination is known as TclTk and allows rapid, portable [ GUI] development, as it is available on many different platforms. Bindings to [Tk] have also been written for many other languages, such as for [Perl] ([Perl/Tk |]) or [Python] ([Tkinter |] ).  
+While more modern ToolKit~s such as [GTK] and [Qt] are nowadays the focus of attention, [Tk] remains the most easily deployable choice for cross-platform [ GUI] programming.  
+[wxWidgets] is a younger attempt to achieve a similar degree of portability, by providing a layer over native ToolKit~s for which portable [GUI] applications can be written, but it has yet to achieve even a fraction of the ubiquity of [Tk]