This page lists some of the providers offering SIP-based VoIP services.

Free SIP Services

Free World Dialup

Set the options as the FreeWorldDialUp page suggests, using your password and login number (this login number is your phone number) and hopefully you will register to the network. Take a look here for samples on how to setup your client FWD has some handy testing numbers to enable you to test that you can dial out correctly. So try these numbers to check your client is working correctly. Test Numbers

To call the SIPphone number 474-5000, you would dial 474-5000 or 1-747-474-5000. (SIPphone welcome recording) To call the 800 number 800-555-1212, you would dial 1-800-555-1212. (800 directory service) To call the FWD number 55555, you would dial 1-393-55555.

Other Test Numbers

to dial other WLUG members check out SIPDirectory

To dial between networks

 From   To   Number 
 FWD   SIPPHONE   **then the sipphone number (ie **7474745000) 
 SIPPHONE   FWD   1-393-number 
 FWD   IConnectHere   **333number 
 IConnectHere   FWD   **393number 
 IPTel   FWD   **393number 
 FWD   Packet8   **8981number 
 Packet8   FWD   0351 5 digit# or 0451 6 digit# 
 FWD   Intertex   **468number 
 FWD   Netherlands Toll Free #s   *31(800).. 
 FWD   UK Toll Free #s   *44(800).. , *44(500).. , *44(808).. 
 FWD   US Toll Free #s   *1(8xx) xxx xxxx 
 FWD   French Free access (in test)   *33(800).. 

You can find more FWD peering numbers here on FWD's site.


Babble lets you make free calls to fixed land lines in a few countries.

  1. Register at site...
  2. Use either the supplied windows app or any other SIP compliant client (kphone works)
  3. Enter your username/password into your SIP phone
  4. Enter your SIP hostname as:

If you are having problems connecting to, you can try using as an outbound proxy.