FreeWorldDialUp (aka FWD) is a free SIP based VoIP Registrar

Using either an application (SoftPhone?), or a hardware VoIP phone, you can place calls to other VoIP users and in some cases to POTS numbers eg US 800 numbers.

FreeWorldDialUp provide functions such as call forwarding and voice mail.

FreeWorldDialUp Test Numbers

411 Information Service (1-800-555-TELL)

611 Tech support (limited availability)

612 Time (thank you Gavin!)

613 Echo Test (hear yourself talk!)

614 Milliwatt test (if you're really a bell-head)

55555 The Welcome Line - staffed by Volunteers around the world

14551 x 142067 FWD Coffee House

See AsteriskSampleSetup for details on how to link between FreeWorldDialUp and Asterisk