PLEASE - if you ring the people on this list the time difference may mean they are asleep.. so dont expect to get an answer.. but please leave a message saying you are ringing to test your configuration and you are following the instructions on the wiki.. The more people that leave messages the more likely we will improve the information here. and it is more likely we will return the call or leave a message for you.

 Name   FWD (1-393) (1-747) 1?   MetaNet 2?   IAXTEL   Notes 
 KyleCarter   233007   3863351          
 MattBrown   239981   3863374          
 CraigBox   239841   3863393         Currently never online at all! 
 CraigMckenna   241486   3863406      (700) 666-1496    
 AndrewMitchell   248024   2443392          
 JohnMcPherson   242260      john@      currently investigating NAT issues with fwd 
Line 1 
Cisco ATA-186 
Line 2 
Cisco ATA-186 
 BruceKingsbury      6183397          
 CairoKingsbury      2445132          
 VernePavreal?      6265272         Using Asterisk and Linksys ATA 
 AaronMartin (Work)   42325            Using Asterisk with 12x Grandstream Phones 
 AaronMartin (Home)   70362             
 DanielLawson   271486   6694095      (700) 423-6888    
 PerryLorier   284789             
 ReneBartosh   393754            Currently using asterisk with a X100P, a PAP2 and italk. 

?> [1] on you can dial ** to hear your own number

[2] you will probably need to make sure you aren't connecting via a proxy (or registrar) such a

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