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- [SELinux] is a [Linux] distrubution focused on security issues . It is worked on by the [NSA ], an american government security agency
+[SELinux | ] is a [Linux] kernel addition and userland toolset used to provide mandatory access controls between subjects (users, processes) and objects (files, devices) . [SELinux] has been adopted into the [Linux ] 2.6 [Kernel], and will feature in the upcoming FedoraCore 2 LinuxDistribution. [SELinux] is avaliable for most LinuxDistribution~s , but most require additional work
+The project is guided by the [NSA], the American National Security Agency.  
-Throwing some notes in for now. .. 
+Generally speaking, __[SELinux] is not an option for the home or casual user__ . Unless security is the sole reason you're migrating to [Linux], it's unlikely to be suitable for your first install
-http ://  
+See also
-http://www.coker .com .au /selinux  
- http://www.nsa .gov /selinux  
+* [Kerry Thompson's Unofficial SELinux FAQ | http://www.crypt .gen .nz /selinux/faq.html]  
+* [Kerry Thompson's SELinux resources | http://www.crypt /selinux/links.html]  
+* [Faye Coker's Getting Started HOWTO for Debian and Fedora |]  
+* [Russell Coker's SELinux resources |]  
+* [Tom Vogt's SELinux 2.6 kernel installation guide |] 
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