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 RichardStallman wrote [Emacs], [gcc(1)], [make(1)]; all sorts of the useful stuff on a [Linux] system. He did this as part of the [GNU] (GNU's Not Unix) project, to try and replace the commercial Unix with a [Free] OperatingSystem. 
 Opinions about Stallman as a person tend to be sharply divided. On the one hand, he has been nothing less than a visionary in promoting the idea of FreeSoftware, and he was one of the first to sound the alarm over SoftwarePatent~s. But on the other hand, he seems to have a propensity for what can only be described as control-freakery, which was a factor in the [Emacs/XEmacs schism |], the [EGCS | WikiPedia:EGCS] fork from [GCC] (since reconciled), and [accusations of trying to discourage Linux development in its early days |] in favour of his own [Hurd] [Kernel]. 
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+* Candid interview with [Michael Gross|].  
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