Formally known as "The City of Roses", now the "Knowledge City" due to size and amount of University / Polytech Institutes in the area, the biggest of which is MasseyUniversity.

Palmerston North is a vibrant youthful city with the active student population, nearby Linton Military Camp, and several knowledge organisations. Since 1930 the establishment of Educational and New Research Institutes has broadened the City’s economic base. The city hosts an impressive range of educational institutions. Local primary and secondary schools have a proud tradition of academic, sporting and cultural achievement. The home campus of Massey university provides an enormous number of courses and supports research in many fields. UCOL is the leading regional polytechnic in New Zealand. Other institutions such as International Pacific College and Te Wananga O Aotearoa also welcome students from around the region and around the world.

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Hometown of: DrewBroadley

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Palmerston North, the city of wind and rain. I spent a year in Palmerston North and thats all I could handle, there was not much life in comparison to Hamilton, or even compared to Napier. You could walk into a shopping mall on a Sunday and be the only customer there. One major upside was the regular T-cosy lans held at Massey and the awesomely good Manfeild race track only 15 minutes away in Feilding. Still the T-Cosy lans were nothing in comparison to the ones in Hamilton and were dominated by "hard-core" stereotypical geeks with Anorak's, ham sandwhiches, glasses and low self confidence. Hrmm, I used to live up in the hills you can see in the above photo in a suburb called Aokautere.

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