Linux mirrors in New Zealand

Why use local mirrors?

Many broadband internet plans give you free local traffic; check with your ISP. Unfortunately, the converse is also true; many NewZealand hosts get charged for international traffic. We have linked to a distribution mirrors page where possible; if you are outside of NewZealand, please check that first!

Why update?

Newer versions of LinuxDistributions offer feature updates and security fixes. It is always worth being up to date.

Doesn't my distro do all this for me?

Most modern distributions support automatic updating, so please check the page for your distribution.

If you are a Debian or Ubuntu user; see AptSourcesList.

Can I buy these on CD or DVD instead?

Sure; check out our GettingLinux page.

What if a mirror doesn't work?

Work your way down the list from the top. You might have make sure your reverse DNS lookup ends in .nz.
















Notes about some mirrors


This was originally a huge mirror but the discs were needed for somethng else, so it's been reborn a bit quieter. Available to people whose ISPs peer at APE/WIX (most of them).

The CS department at Auckland University maintains not very up-to-date iso images for many distributions.

The University of Canterbury maintains a regularly updated set of Linux distributions and updates.

Run by LizReid (wishes from #nzlinux on UnderNet). for ISOs, for Debian and Ubuntu mirror.

CityLink Wellington:

Official Debian ( and Ubuntu mirror (, and has some base images for OpenBSD.

Wicks Technology Limited:

Fedora and CentOS.

Note from site: Access to this mirror is restricted to .nz users only (please ensure your reverse dns entry is correct before emailing me !)

Previously run by Barry Murphy at, the mirrors are gone due to hardware issues and hosting drying up, and are not planning on being replaced.

Australian Mirrors

Whatever it is, you'll find it at one of:

Limited to Australia and NewZealand users only.

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