Telecom DSL customers are (were) offered a service called 'Jetstream Games', whereby they connect to the DSL network with a different username and password, and are allowed full rate, non charged traffic, but only to a small number of servers. This is provided for online gaming, so people can play without incurring huge bills. It was a good selling point for Jetstream in the early days, however being connected to the 'gaming realm' means you cannot access the normal internet.

More appropriate for us perhaps, is that ( is one of the NewZealandLinuxMirrors - this means you can download Debian at up to 8mbit/sec, for free, even if you're only on a 128k/s JetStart account.


Jetstream Games has now closed and the mirrors are unavailable. Pity, as this fast download service was excellent at full speed Jetstream. However with the new faster rates available from end of April 2006, and bigger bandwidth allocations this is less of an issue. I suggest this list