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 File names can be up to 19 characters long, and are case-insensitive. There is no directory hierarchy; all files are kept in a single top-level directory. The on-board interface shows files grouped into various categories, like “Software files”, “Try Me” etc—these groupings are based purely on the filename extension. 
 <?plugin OldStyleTable 
-|*Category* | *File Type * | *Extension* 
+|*Category* | *File Contents * | *Extension*  
+| Datalog files | text files containing sensor data | .log  
 | NXT files| ? | .rpg 
 | Software files | executable bytecode programs | .rxe 
 | Sound files | sound sample files; melody files | .rso 
 | Try Me | executable bytecode programs | .rtm 
 Filenames ending with other extensions are not visible to the user through the on-board interface, but they can still be accessed programmatically.