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-!!Install the NTP daemon ( Debian/Ubuntu)  
+!! Setting up NTP on Debian/Ubuntu 
-*sudo aptitude install ntp  
+You need to:  
-Now use your favorite text editor to add the [NTPServers] you wish to synchronize your clock with:  
+# Install the [NTP] dæmon ([Package] <tt>ntp</tt> in [Debian] and friends).  
+# Pick some [NTPServers] to synch with.  
+# If necessary, fix your system time.  
+# Start the dæmon.  
-*echo "server" >> /etc/ntp.conf  
+All in all:''''  
-If the time on the local server is very different from that of its primary time server your [NTP] daemon will eventually terminate, so we will first set the system time based on the time reported by the NTP server. 
+ <pre>  
+ aptitude install ntp  
+ /etc/init.d/ntp stop  
+ echo ' server ''''~' >> /etc/ntp.conf  
+ ntpdate '''' # optional  
+ /etc/init .d/ntp start  
+ </pre>  
-Stop the NTP daemon:  
+Of course you would actually use a TextEditor to add the [NTPServers] to <tt>/etc/ntp.conf</tt>, and you would use whichever server is appropriate in place of <tt></tt>.  
-*sudo /etc/init .d/ntp stop  
+The [ntpdate(8)] step is necessary only if your local clock is way off from the time server’s time, in which case the [NTP] dæmon may terminate. Note that even [ntpdate(8)] adjusts the time only gradually if within a certain time range – if you don't want that, use the <tt>-b< /tt> option
-Now run ntpdate  
+!! See also  
-*sudo ntpdate  
+* TimeNotes  
-NB Even [ntpdate(8)] gradually adjusts the time if within a certain time range. If you don't want this behaviour use the -b option.  
-Now you can start the daemon  
-*sudo /etc/init.d/ntp start  
-See also TimeNotes