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 !! Have multiple home pages 
 In the preferences, specify URLS seperated by <tt>|</tt> characters. (You can do this in [Mozilla] too.) Note that you can get an empty tab by putting two seperators together. 
+!! Other available <tt>about:</tt> pages  
+ A blank pageā€¦ no kidding  
+ Build configuration and parameters  
+ Detailed stats on your disk and memory cache, including the directory and the list of files/web pages accessed and stored there  
+ The long list of people who have contributed to the browser  
+ Try it and see!  
+ All the installed plug-ins in your browser  
 !! The easy way to enable <tt>mailto:</tt> [URL] handling and vastly improve your Firefox experience 
+[''Note: this tip is probably outdated.'']  
 Install the [MozEx extension |], bring up its options, enter the name of your [MUA] program in the appropriate box, possibly using %-expandos to pass the desired parameters in the desired locations, and enjoy life. Note that getting there takes some effort in versions past 0.8 -- the "official" [XPI] has not been adapted to the extension manager. You want to get the [repackaged MozEX 0.7 XPI from the Extensionmirror |] instead. 
 You can also define handlers for several other common protocols and a catch-all handler for not specifically handled protocols. F.ex, if you aren't using a particular NewsReader, try putting 
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 You can also define an external editor to be used for textareas in forms (invokable from the context menu in the textarea). That way you can bring the full power of [Vim] or [Emacs] to bear on web forms. 
 !! The hard way to enable <tt>mailto:</tt> [URL] handling 
+[''Note: this tip might be outdated.'']  
 Old versions of MozillaFirefox don't have a working mailto handler out of the box, but this can be fixed by changing the <tt></tt> setting. Its value should be the path to a helper script. The setting may not show up in <tt>about:config</tt> -- in that case, you have to place a line like <tt>user_pref("", "/path/to/");</tt> in the <tt>[user.js | ]</tt> file in your profile directory. 
 In either case, you have to restart MozillaFirefox for the setting to take effect. 
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 See also: 
-!!Automatic deploying of Firefox on Windows 
+!! Automatic deploying of Firefox on Windows  
+I use and recommend the [FrontMotion Firefox .MSI |] for ActiveDirectory deployment. For an installation that can be locked by GroupPolicy, check out the [WetDog |] or [FirefoxADM |] addons.  
-I use and recommend the [FrontMotion Firefox .MSI|] for ActiveDirectory deployment. For an installation that can be locked by GroupPolicy , check out the [WetDog |http://wetdog .sourceforge .net /] or [FirefoxADM|http: //spaces ] addons
+For automatically installing extensions , look at [Inside Track on Deploying Firefox Extensions | http://weblogs .mozillazine .org /ben /archives /008431 .html ]. 
-For automatically installing extensions, look at [Inside Track on Deploying Firefox Extensions|].  
+!! Playing WindowsMedia  
-!!Playing WindowsMedia  
+Install [mplayerplug-in |] (available in [Debian] and most derivatives as [Package] <tt>mozilla-mplayer</tt>).  
-See [Xine] for more details  
+See [Xine] for another method.  
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