An overview of using the LibreOffice BASIC IDE and the API with Draw to create the following two applications:

  1. An interactive slide that is designed as an educational tool to learn how signed integers operate at the bit level in a computer. A handy tool for anyone who has always wondered what the 2's compliment is all about and been too afraid to ask.
  2. An interactive method of creating a calendar. If you haven't bought your 2012 calendar for next year, then you can make one to the parameters you desire.

Both of these Draw applications will be provided on a USB flash drive, so anyone at WLUG is welcome to copy them to their computer and try them out. The Draw applications have the BASIC and API code embedded in them. You will be able to use Tools → Macros → Organise Macros → LibreOffice BASIC to access the code to see how it works, or edit it to add your own enhancements.


Using Matplotlib for Python.