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-where ''ll'' is an [ISO] 639 language code, ''cc'' is an [ISO] 3166 country code, and ''enc'' is an encoding. 
+where ''ll'' is an [ISO] 639 language code (lowercase) , ''cc'' is an [ISO] 3166 country code (uppercase) , and ''enc'' is an encoding (uppercase). For example  
+ <tt>en_GB</tt> -- British English<br>  
+ <tt>en_NZ.UTF-8</tt> -- New Zealand English, UTF-8 encoding<br>  
+ <tt>ja</tt> -- Japanese language<br>  
+ <tt>ja.SJIS</tt> -- Japanese language, Shift-JIS encoding<br>  
+ <tt>ja_JP.UTF-8</tt> -- Japanese language, UTF-8 encoding, as used in Japan  
+There is also a special locale, just named “<tt>C</tt>”, which just means “no localization”.  
+These names are used as directory names for holding the corresponding localization information in <tt>/usr/share/X11/locale/</tt>''localename''<tt>/</tt>