A Cola with a high caffiene content. Other equivilent caffienated drinks:

See also SmallWhitePills.

I used to buy this at the dairy on the corner of Clyde and Galloway Streets. They might still have it. It's a nice fresh tasting cola; apparently because it's madewith white sugar, rather than the corn syrup most cola other drinks are made from. It has about twice as much caffine as Coke, ie. 1 jolt = 1 nice cup of tea.

If someone wants to splash out and order a crate of this I'll buy at least half a dozen bottles from it. -- GlynWebster

According to the Jolt International page on their website,

"Jolt Cola can now be found in New Zealand in all Caltex, Mobil, Shell service stations, Woolworths, Foodtown and New World supermarkets. We're spreading to new outlets everyday!"

However, I have not yet confirmed this. -- EdLinklater