DanielLawson frequently hands out unlabled SmallWhitePills which he claim are NoDoze. Daniel has given up on V, and since JoltCola is difficult to obtain in NewZealand, he prefers pure caffeine. If anyone can source caffiene in a IV drip form, please contact DanielLawson urgently.

Um. Do be careful Daniel. You know that caffeine ceases to have any further effect after a certain dose? It just makes you feel little sicker after that point. And lots of caffeine is not good for your heart (which is the reason you don't give chocolate to dogs - though they do handle caffeine far worse than humans). You must beware of the EvilMonkeys.

Dogs don't handle caffeine worse than people, they just weigh less so it has a greater effect. Same for Children.

I've found out a bit more about this. There are three caffeine-like molecules: caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Different caffeinated substances have different proportions of the three. Chocolate contains more theobromine than the other two, and dogs definitely can't handle it: (It might be okay to give your dog a coffee instead, who knows?)

It doesn't seem to be good for spiders.