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 I used to buy this at the dairy on the corner of Clyde and Galloway Streets. They might still have it. It's a nice fresh tasting cola; apparently because it's madewith white sugar, rather than the corn syrup most cola other drinks are made from. It has about twice as much caffine as Coke, ie. 1 jolt = 1 nice cup of tea. 
 If someone wants to splash out and order a crate of this I'll buy at least half a dozen bottles from it. -- GlynWebster 
+According to the [Jolt International|] page on their website,  
+"Jolt Cola can now be found in New Zealand in all Caltex, Mobil, Shell service stations, Woolworths, Foodtown and New World supermarkets. We're spreading to new outlets everyday!"  
+However, I have not yet confirmed this. -- EdLinklater