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  VoIP includes all the features that other phone providers charge extra for. lets you redirect voicemail to email, block anonymous calls, etc. 
  They automatically drop calls with invalid ANI, no more Australian Holiday Scams from "0000" 
  International bandwidth is very bad at the moment, almost unusable once all the "90G free" leeches get on at night. It wasn't so bad last year though and hopefully they'll sort out a better connection soon. 
+ Wankers.  
+ When I signed up with ihug, well over a year ago (June 2007?) I specifically asked not to be on any kind of contract, which meant not accepting the free modem, free broadband, or whatever they were offering at the time. I can't remember what it was, but I discussed at great length that I wanted to be able to cancel and switch to another provider at any time, with no early termination fee. And they agreed that by refusing the free goodies and paying full price for everything, that's what I would get.  
+ In October this year, I switched to World Exchange. Broadband was working on the 24th, and my phone transferred on the 31st, which meant that at sometime in there (before November) Vodafone would have been told that I was no longer their customer. But just to be sure of it, I phoned them after the weekend.  
+ And then they billed me for November (All of it, $105) anyhow, despite knowing full well that they had not provided my phone or broadband for one second of one day of any time in November. And when I complained, they refunded November and billed me a $199 'early termination fee' instead, despite my customer notes showing that I had both forgone all the 'goodies' and been a customer for more than 12 months.  
+ Total wankers. I've just got off the phone from trying to sort all this out and I am still really, fantastically pissed off.  
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